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Gurunath Joldapkekar

Gurunath Joldapkekar
DIgital Marketing & Freelancing

Gurunath Joldapkekar

I am a Digital Marketer. Helping businesses grow & scale online with performance focused digital marketing is my forte. I specialize in implementing Integrated Digital Marketing techniques to generate the best results from any campaign.

Web designing


Helping enterprises, businesses & organizations by designing well optimized & highly performing website checking all their requirements and much more.



A website without SEO is like a body without skeleton. Making sure your website is well designed & optimized  technically with quality content along with great user experience.

Paid Advertisement


The ultimate goal of any company is to get sales & generate positive ROI. Without paid advertisements on google & meta platforms, it’s highly unlikely.


100+ projecst
Hands-on Experience of working on Live Projects.

A good understanding of digital ecosystem of various industries gives an upper hand in driving positive ROI. Working on live projects does exactly that.

Faster & better results
Strategies for Faster and Better Results

With a sudden boom in digital marketing, it becomes imperative to implement trending & relevant strategies to rank better & get faster results.

Happy Clients
Happy & Satisfied Clients

With better & faster results, clients not only go back happy but also carry positive word of mouth. It also builds trust & credibility between. Nothing can match the excitement of a happy customer.

24x7 Support
24/7 Customer Support

Reach out through All queries shall be resolved within 24 hours.